• Full Day Tuiton Based Kindergarten

    for Non-Resident Students
  • Programs Based on Best Practice

    • Wilson Fundations

      Provides phonological/phonemic awareness incorporating a 30-minute daily lesson into their language arts classroom instruction

    • Readers Workshop

      Fosters a love of reading by encouraging students to choose their own books and provides meaningful time for independent reading

    • Writers Workshop

      Builds fluency in writing through continuous, repeated exposure to the process of writing

    • Everyday Math

      Ensures student mastery of key math concepts by revisiting content in a variety of contexts and helping students see real world connections in math

  • Full Day Tuiton Based Kindergarten

    for Non-Resident Students
  • About Us

  • Faced with a steady rise in student enrollment, the residents of Robbinsville Township voted to authorize a building referendum for Robbinsville Schools in a special election held on December 11, 2012. The project consisted of renovations to and expansion of Pond Road and Sharon Schools leaving the district enough space to educate students into the foreseeable future. Prior to securing voter approval, however, the district invested in a standalone, five classroom modular classroom building that is now available to house non-resident students for Kindergarten on a tuition basis.

    Robbinsville has a long history of providing an outstanding full day Kindergarten program for district students. The ability to offer this experience to nonresident students creates a win-win situation for resident and non-resident families since it provides a needed service to neighboring communities and will generate revenue to improve district programs.

    Priced competitively in the Kindergarten market, the full day, tuition program at Sharon School promises to prepare students well for first grade making the opportunity a strong investment for neighboring families. Tuition students will be enrolled as district students for Kindergarten opening them to a comprehensive and rewarding Sharon School experience.

    When we care about each other and our school we share what we have, listen carefully, help each other learn, work hard, and have fun together. We understand that everyone makes mistakes, that we stand up for ourselves and others and when someone asks us to stop, we stop! This is who we are even when no one is watching!

    The culture at Sharon Elementary School centers upon developing the whole child within a safe and caring environment. Students are challenged to become independent, lifelong learners, and responsible citizens. The school community is committed to cultivating the confidence and resilience needed for students to thrive in our rapidly changing world.

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  • Full Day Tuiton Based Kindergarten

    for Non-Resident Students